26 September 2012

Two-Wheeled Leaders

Please don't take this post as a statement of my politics, or even on which lever I'll pull in November.

Now tell me, would you vote for this man?

He doesn't look half-bad on a bike, eh?

He is none other than current Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Here he's riding in France, where he was a Mormon missionary for two years.

Can you tell this guy lost?:

He might be a good rider. But he doesn't even have enough of a sense of style to be a Fred!

Whatever you think of his presidency, you have to admit that there's something very appealing about Jimmy Carter on a bike:

From what I understand, he's still an active cyclist at age 88.  I think he actually looks younger in this photo than he did on the day he left office 31 years ago!

Somehow it's hard to imagine this President as young, or even on a bicycle, but here's Nixon with his wife and daughter, about two decades before they moved into the White House:

I was surprised at how in-character this shot of George H.W. and Barbara Bush seemed:

Finally, here's a glimpse of Bill and Hill:

You can see more photos of Presidents and candidates on bicycles on this Daily Caller page.


  1. Is it just me, but was the nineties the worst decade for cycling "fashion"?

  2. Maybe Hill ought to ask Bill about proper helmet fitting!

  3. Thanks, Justine. I had no idea there were all these photos of presidents and presidential wannabees...

  4. Adventure--I think you're right. I was in my prime then. It's just my l uck that when I was in my best shape, cycling "fashion" was at its worst!

    Steve--I agree! And here I was, thinking she had the higher IQ in that couple.

    Anniebikes--I had no idea, either, until I stumbled over the page. Thanks for stopping by.