27 January 2015

A Bike As Pure As The Driven Snow!

What's to do on a day like this?

The NYC Mayor and NYS Governor, in essence, declared a curfew as of 2300 hours (11pm) last night.  Oh, you could still go outside. You just couldn't drive or even ride a bike(!).  The only things with wheels allowed on the roads were emergency vehicles.

Hmm...If I'd hopped on my bike to rescue a cat from the cold, snow and wind, would that have been considered an emergency?

Then again, I doubt even the most feral cat is out in the elements today.  He or she has probably found an overhang or something else that will block at least some of the wind and snow.

While the storm didn't leave nearly as much snow as was forecast, the ban on vehicles remained in effect until a little while ago.  So, most people stayed home from work if they could.  And schools were closed.  So there still aren't very many people outside.  Perhaps I'll go out for a bit, just to experience the serenity.  Maybe I'll make a snow angel. Who says I'm too old for such things?

Better yet, I'll make a snow bicycle:

From Desert Rose Press

The creator of this one, Clifford Burke, assures us that it's "made from 100 percent pure New Mexican snow."  

He sounds like someone I'd like to meet.  He says that bicycles have been an important part of his life:  "They have taken me to places in America, and in my own inner world, I never imagined I would travel to".  Yes!  Even into the snow and back.

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  1. it sounds like you're surviving the apocalypse. I just returned from a run in shorts and t shirt (its in the low 70's today). Stay safe.