12 January 2015

Would You Park Here?

The bicycle has often been called the father of the automobile.  Now, I guess, we'd say it's the parent or the progenitor, so as not to be sexist.

However you say it, it makes sense:  Some of the pioneers of the automotive world--including none other than Henry Ford himself--started off as bicycle mechanics or builders.  And, of course, the very thing that made cars faster and more versatile than carriages--the pneumatic tire--was invented for bicycles.

But, like any other parent-child relationship, the one between cars and bikes is often uneasy.  That's the reason why I'm not so sure of how I feel about this bike parking rack:

From London Cycling Campaign


  1. I get your point, but look at it like this: That rack represents the space that one car would take, were it to park there. Instead, it appears that 8-10 bikes (one on either side of the 5 rails) could fit in the same space. Odds are good that if that were a car it would have been occupied by a single person, maybe two, versus the 8+ people on the bikes.

    Ideally, that would illustrate a point to people. One would hope...


  2. N/A and Steve--Now why didn't I think of that? Thanks!