14 January 2015

Well, It's Better Than A Ticket, Anyway...

If you park your bike has a basket on it, and you park on the street, you might find that your vehicle has been turned into a recptacle.

I've found all sorts of things in my wicker and wire porters:  beer bottles, wrappers for every kind of food you can imagine, chicken bones, pizza crusts--and for a device that's named for a citizen of an ancient Greek city but won't infect your computer--as well as books and newspapers.  I've even encountered articles of clothing and, yes, bike parts, most of which were unwearable or unusable.   

Most of the time, it's an annoyance (except, of course, when I find a book or a newspaper), but I guess it's better than having a saddle or pedals stolen, or tires slashed.  Yes, those things have also happened when I've parked my bike.

But I don't think I've ever encountered anything quite like what was deposited in the Wald front basket on my LeTour:

CDs?  Hmm....Maybe it's some rare recording:  Something I'd keep--or sell on eBay.

Closer inspection revealed something entirely different:

I wonder if the person who left those Yoga CDs knows me, or has seen me ride.  Could there be a message?


  1. Steve--Good advice. Still, you have to admit it was strange to find them.