07 March 2016

Morning Commutes Through The Gates of Hell

I am teaching early morning classes in my new gig.  That means, for now, that I am pedaling to work around dawn.  Someone remarked that I am "bringing the morning to the Bronx", where I am now working.

Should I bring the morning in a pair of panniers?  A bicycle briefcase?  Or some other kind of bike bag? 

While pedaling across the RFK/Triborough Bridge, I saw the morning arrive in another conveyance

through the Gates of Hell--all right, I mean through Hell Gate or under the Hell Gate Bridge.

Perhaps I wasn't bringing morning through the Gates of Hell.  But some of my students probably thought I was bringing them hell this morning through the campus gate!


  1. Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch' entrate

    -Inferno, 3,10

    Up here, at 64 degrees N, if I have an early morning class to teach in the middle of the school year, I awake to dark night, cycle through icy streets, ready to greet the sunrise at 10:30 after the class is dismissed. If there is an afternoon class, I pedal home in the dark, after the sun sets at 2:00.

    The compensation: in June we have 22-hour long days.


  2. Leo--Ah, yes, Dante.

    Sunrise at 10:30 and sunset at 14:00. That is a short day!