07 August 2016

This Explains Everything--Or Me, Anyway

Some of the experiences I've recounted in this blog are part of my "previous life", if you will.  In fact, my other blog--on which I haven't written much lately--started as a kind of journal or diary about my transition from that life to the one I'm living now.

When people learn that, for many years, I moved through this world as a guy named Nick, the question they most often ask is, "When did you know?"  Like so many things in my life, I knew about it long before I had the words for it.  

Another piece of self-knowledge that came to me before the language I needed to describe or explain it is that of my sexual orientation.  Even after I came to terms with my gender identity, I still struggled to explain, in any way that would make sense to anyone else, my attractions. Gay, straight, bi, homo, hetero, lesbian, pansexual, asexual: None of those terms seemed to fit.

But maybe, just maybe, I've finally come across le mot juste (Pardon my French, s'il vous plait!):

From Pinterest


  1. Hmm - I draw the line at recumbents...

  2. I'm sorta with Accordian3, at least if red flags are considered to be needed. Red flags are - red flags.

  3. Mutterfly--Thank you. I had fun writing it!

    Accordion3 and Steve--I have never ridden a recumbent. I'd never ride one in city traffic. But, perhaps, one day I'll try one in some rural area.