25 August 2016

Wearing Your Message On Your Sleeve (Or On Your Chest And Back, Anyway)

I stopped wearing bike-specific clothing (except for gloves and helmets) years ago.  I just might start again, at least in response to folks like Peter King and Heath Evans.

Actually, I would have a whole wardrobe of cycling tops.   For rides in which the possibility of encountering homicidal drivers is relatively low, I might wear this:

For times when there's a greater chance of a brush with a drunk or simply inconsiderate motorist--I could slip into this:

On days (or nights) when there might be more careless drivers--and there is a chance that one might be somewhat homicidal--I could sport this:

Finally, when it seems every other person behind a steering wheel has regressed to the emotional age of twelve, this just might set the right tone:

These jerseys are on Active.com.


  1. I like the ones that say: "burn fat not oil" & "put some fun between your legs"

  2. Probably wouldn't wear the last one as it may just fuel driver backlash, though i certainly think it out loud when i'm riding...
    Although i might also add "Slow the F#<% down!!" or something similar to the jersey list...

  3. If you lived in a State that had Open Carry, you could wear the shirt shown in http://dfwptp.blogspot.com/2011/03/guns-bikes-and-chains.html I'd recommend wearing it backwards so that overtaking motorists could consider that there might be consequences for harassment.

  4. Accordion--I've seen those. I've even seen translations of them.

    Mike--Good point about the last one. Maybe we can make a line of apres-ride jerseys that say what we think while we're riding.

    Steve--Hmm. I guess that in a state with "open carry" law, one could tote a gun in a bike jersey pocket. Or could one?