30 April 2017

I Rode From It As Fast As I Could!

Yesterday morning, before I went out to ride, I was listening to the radio while I sipped on green tea and ate some Greek yougurt (from Kesso) with almonds and a banana, which I washed  down with an orange.  

While enjoying my breakfast, I was listening to an interview an NPR host conducted with a fellow in Inverness, Scotland who maintains the official website that records sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.  The interviewer is clearly skeptical, to put it mildly, about the existence of "Nessie" and other mythical creatures like Bigfoot.  

Now, because I'm the sort of person who takes a lot of things--even stuff that's more credible than, say, most of what Trump says in his speeches and tweets--with more than a few grains of salt,you might not expect me to be a believer.  But how can I be anything else?  I know for a fact that the Randall's Island Salamander and Point Lookout Orca exist.  I can't not believe.  After all, I made them up saw them and even photographed them, however crudely.

About the latter:  I didn't see him (I think I decided he's male because he reminds me of a Pac Man!) yesterday even though I rode to Point Lookout.  But could there be something else lurking in the waters by "the Point"?

It looks ready to take over the bay, the ocean and even the land:

A clever creature it is:  It showed up in the same part of all of that photos I took.  I guess it's trying to make me believe that it was dirt or some malfunction in my camera rather than a sea creature.

A tech-savvy monster?  Should we be scared?  Does the Point Lookout Orca stand a chance against it?

Oh, no:  It's following those folks home.  And their little dogs, too!


  1. I hate changing lenses on my camera because the air is full of junk. Even "sealed" cameras have problems as they suck air in and push it out again as the lenses telescope or zoom! I am going to be taking film on my next holiday...

  2. People do not believe that there are big cats wild in the Scottish countryside but I have stood facing a puma in the woods! Sadly I had a camera but it was the kind which goes on a tripod and you go under a cloth to focus, any other camera would have earned thousands for one snap...

  3. Coline--There are pumas (pumae?) in lots of places, so why not in Scotland?

  4. In the press here they are treated much the same as Nessie... Our native wildcats are hardly larger than your troop of housemates.

  5. Small though they may be, my housemates probably would run from them!

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