01 April 2017

It Does It All For You!

Nobody, it seems, does practical urban bicycles quite like the Dutch.

It's been a while since I've been to Amsterdam. I'm sure it's as lovely as ever, and that cyclists feel right at home.  I hear, however, that because it's crowded, it can be a bit difficult to navigate.

So, being ever so practical, what would the good Dutch folks come up with?

Of course it includes an app to tell you what day it is.  


  1. Cyclocross Magazine got me hook, line and sinker today with a bogus story about UCI sponsoring the next SSCX World Championships. If you know what a circus SSCXWC is you'll know how improbable that is. I even voted in the little reader opinion poll at the bottom of the article. What a dork I am.😲

  2. I have seen girls in Amsterdam multi tasking without the help of Vanmoof.

    Their bikes are interesting but scared of hills. I tried one and had to mentally check the date, great on flat but not any use on hills. Had to be an April first joke and the thing even claimed to have a motor!

  3. Phillip--The UCI sponsoring the SSCXWC would be like El Presidente building a solar- and wind-powered farm in Vermont.

    Coline--What? No motor? ;-)