14 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Here in the US, it's Mother's Day.

I've had a good relationship with my mother, so I am happy to send her flowers and a card.  Even so, I can't get over how sappy and sentimental some cards are.  I think only Valentine's Day brings out more of the music-box mindset than this day.

I found this card just a moment ago.  I like it, not only because it has a bicycle, butterflies and my favorite colors on it.  It might be a tad sentimental, but it's pretty and rather tasteful.  Had I found it sooner, I would have sent .  Sending an image of a card via e-mail just isn't the same; my mother doesn't do e-mail, anyway.  (In fact, she's never used a computer.)  But, maybe next year.

In any event, I wish all of you who are or have been mothers--whether biologically or in spirit--a Happy Mother's Day.  And to you too, Mom, just in case you happen to see this!

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