16 May 2017

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Perhaps it won't surprise you to know that I've never watched any of the Kardashians' TV shows.  Part of the reason, I confess, is that I haven't looked at TV in a few years--except for the times I've watched reruns of The Golden Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond with my mother.  I haven't even owned a television set in about four years.

But even when I still had a television set, I wasn't spending my time with shows like The Kardashian Family.  I simply don't care about their antics.  I hear about some of them--the marriages, the divorces and such--from other people or during radio newscasts.  And whatever capacity I might have for schadenfreude isn't even stoked by events like Kim getting tied up and robbed of $10 million in jewelry in Paris.  

I must admit, though, that I got a laugh out of this:

For one thing, the sight of anyone over the age of four riding a bike in a furry pink jacket is just over-the-top hilarious.  For that matter, seeing someone who's supposed to be a fashion icon in such a jacket--on a bright red bicycle, no less--is comical.  

At least Kendall Jenner seems to have a sense of humor about herself.  As falls flat on her face, her glasses fall off her nose and her legs go up in the air.  If anything, I think she was happy about that last part:  She probably has more followers, on Twitter, Instagram and  TV, when her legs are up--though, perhaps, not as many as her half-sister got for being tied up.


  1. I was gonna say something really snarky but I've decided I need more of a challenge. Beating up on mental cripples like the Kardoucheians is like turning over wheelchairs down at the local nursing home. Fun for awhile but you end up feeling really ashamed.

  2. The Kardashian clan TV show is not aired here and I don't read the tabloids. I was forced to use a search engine as I had never heard of them before. I now regret the entire project. I could have remained in the dark with regard to them and lived a perfectly good life.

    They seem to be famous because they are famous. What is actually going on? Is this photoshopping or cosmetic surgery? They all look alike.

    I will try to delete this from my brain.


  3. Phillip--"Kardoucheians". I love it!

    Leo--I am a terrible friend, and an even worse human being. I mean, what could be worse than exposing the Kardashians someone who had been living happily and healthily.

    I forget sometimes that there are enlightened countries and societies that don't pollute their airwaves--and, more important, people's pyches--with mutant forms.

    Can you please forgive me?

    1. Justine,

      You need not ask forgiveness. I should ask forgiveness for not using smilies and making my irony more apparent. But it is true that I had never heard of the Kardashians. And we do have our own forms of pollution in the airwaves.


  4. Leo--Even though I knew you were being ironic, I felt bad after realizing I'd inflicted a Kardashian on you.

    They really do look the same, don't they? Did they all come out of the same test tube?