24 November 2017

How I--And Arielle--Gave Thanks

I certainly had reason to give thanks yesterday.

Just after I posted, the friends who'd invited me for dinner called to say that the start time was pushed back--from 2 to 5 pm due to an "emergency". Whether it was in the kitchen or elsewhere, nobody said.  Not that it mattered.

I didn't mind.  You see, after I posted, I glanced outside and was treated to a picture-perfect late-fall morning:  The sun, totally unimpeded by clouds, mist or anything else (well, nothing that I could see, anyway!), set the last red, yellow and orange foliage aglow and burnished the brown leaves with a warmth, to the eye anyway, that felt like brick fireplace just starting to spread its heat.  

It was so beautiful, I didn't care about the temperature--which stood exactly at the freezing mark.  How could I not ride on such a morning?

Or afternoon?  Arielle, my Mercian Audax called, and I hopped on.

Well, I felt so good  The brisk air braced my skin and I saw almost no traffic anywhere.  In fact, in this normally-busy shopping area, I saw no traffic at all!

Now, if that picture

or this one

looks familiar, it's because the shopping area and the "Connecticut quarter" tree are, in fact, in Connecticut--Greenwich, to be precise.  I felt as if the town, the hills I climbed on my way in, the roads and the world were mine, all mine.  OK, I shared--with a few other cyclists I saw.  

I don't normally boast (really!).  But I couldn't help but to tell everyone about the ride I took--140 kilometers (about 85 miles) round-trip.  

The food was great.  And I felt absolutely no guilt about how much of it I ate.  I'll be eating some of it today--  there were leftovers for everyone--and I'll get to re-live, for a moment, a fine Thanksgiving Day.


  1. I once took to the road during a world cup soccer game on TV, it was as if almost everyone had died in their sleep. I was heading for somewhere which might usually be unbearably crowded but was perfect. There should be more regular mass distractions...

  2. Are you sure you were not cycling in Derbyshire, England? I had that weather, and temperature, on my riude today ...autumn bliss

  3. Coline--I once had a similar experience when riding on the day of a World Series game.

    Peter--It'll be our secret, OK? ;-)

  4. A few weeks ago we rode through Greenwich on the way to visit my sister her home in Stamford. The parts we saw were not as nice as those pictured--very heavy traffic. But I'd like to explore the area further.

  5. Eli--I think I was riding through the less-trafficked areas. If you get a chance, try going up on the ridge--on Glenville Street and Glenville Road (where I usually ride) or Lake Avenue.