20 February 2018

Imprisoned In The Mist

I must say, I am really enjoying my morning commutes, now that I go through Randall's Island.  Even the knowledge of what lies beyond does not dampen (pardon the pun) my mood.

In this case, beyond that flock of geese--who are free to go wherever they like--and the fog are the most un-free people in this city.  Yes, Rikers Island is shrouded in that scrim of mist!

Well, almost:  It's hard not to feel down--no, let's say it, angry--when thinking about that place now, during Black History Month.  Instead of slave ships pulling into the harbor (Slavery was legal in New York until 1827.), black people--mostly young and male--are locked up on an island.

I channeled some of that anger into my pedals. And, I assure you, it goes into other kinds of activity!


  1. Have you had any trouble crossing the Triboro (assuming that's how you get to Randall's)? I've heard of folks being ticketed for riding on the bridge bike path and it's made me a little nervous.

  2. Hello Eli--I have seen police on the bridge, usually near the end of the month. And, yes, I have heard of folks getting ticketed. All I can say is: Keep your eyes open!