Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

13 February 2018

Mott Haven Morning

What is the difference between "dawn" and "sunrise"?

Someone, I forget who, said that if you call it "dawn", you probably aren't awake for it.  Whatever you call it, it's early in the morning.

I'm not complaining.  I was just thinking of a title for this post. "Dawn In The Bronx" seems like a Chamber of Commerce slogan.  So I opted for "Mott Haven Morning."  Whatever you call it, I was up for it.  And it was good.


  1. OK: I'll bite on the bait.

    "Dawn" is a gradual process, as the sky becomes lighter and slowly brighter. If something "dawns" on you, it comes as a realization that has ripened over a period of time. not as a flash of genius.

    'Sunrise" is a single event, he moment the sun's orb appears on the horizon and a minute or so after that. The exact moment can be predicted with astronomical calculations. Dawn begins before sunrise and continues a bit after it

    That is the way I use those words, in any case.