28 March 2018

Into Daylight--More Of It

How do you know it's Spring?

Well, the weather hasn't been in tune with the season, at least in these parts.  But I can see more daylight in each day--to the point that early morning commutes beginning in darkness pass through the sunrise and end in early morning light, all within the space of not much more than half an hour.

So, you ask, what am I doing on such early commutes?  Well, two days a week, I have 8 am classes and I like to arrive early to prepare my lessons, and myself.

The early morning ride certainly helps!


  1. How do I know it's spring? The snowdrifts have been exposed to intense sunshine long enough that they have crisp frozen surfaces that are thick and strong enough to support a person's weight. You can walk on the snowdrifts now. All of the above is contained and implied in one single Finnish word: *** hankikanto ***.

  2. Leo--You know it's spring when you can walk on snowdrifts? To paraphrase Dorothy, you aren't in Kansas. Or New York. ;-)