23 April 2018

First Time To The Point

It's hard for me to believe now that on Saturday, I took my first ride to Point Lookout since December, or possibly earlier.

Also, it was my first ride to the Point with Bill--and his first ride, ever, there.  The tide was out, revealing a sandbar where, in warmer months, kids skip and dogs skitter.  We saw a couple of teenagers wade into the water, which reached just above their ankles, to the sandbar.  In my younger days, I might've done the same, or even joined them.  But the ocean water is still only about 8 degrees C (45F), and I know it will warm up fairly quickly during the next few weeks.  I can wait.

Instead, the pleasures of such a ride are the sun, wind and vistas--like the one we saw on the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge:

The sky, as beautiful as it was, didn't look quite spring-like. But we were looking at it about two hours later than we would have in, say, January.

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