15 August 2018

Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words When It Gives Us Two?

As The World's Only Transgender Bike Blogger (at least, the only one I know about!), you can understand why this got my attention:

From bikechaser

Well, all right, the colors are hard to miss.   But the design is not exactly to my taste (at least, not anything I'd wear).  What piqued my interest were the words:  "Femme" (woman) on the jersey, "Homme" (man) on the shorts.



  1. I remember standing in a bike shop to choose bits for my first ever new bike and having the choice of silver or yellow for the frame. Heart said yellow, my desire to be invisible said silver and I regretted that choice from the moment I made it... Silver made a very nice bike but...

  2. Coline--I like yellow, but not like the bike in the photo!

    1. I was just a young thing back then, now that I have my pension I am almost growed up...