21 February 2019

Beer and Bikes Go Together Better Than...Bell-Bottoms and Ten-Speeds

You can really date yourself if you had a pair of these

or even remember them. I'll just say that I recall them from the time I was in 8th grade, which is about when I got my first ten-speed bike.

It's kind of funny to realize now that bell-bottoms in any fashion became so popular right around the time people like me, young and old, were getting our first bikes without full chain guards!

Of course, fads are not always synchronous. (Bikes are still around, but ten-speeds now refer to cassettes, not bicycles!)  I have been cycling almost continuously since those days, but I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of bell bottoms.

The new pairing these days seems to be beer and bikes.  At least, that's the case with hipsters and milennials--though enjoying a brew after a spin is a custom as old as, well, two wheels.

So, it makes sense that two companies extremely popular with the demographic I've mentioned are teaming up to create a special edition:

I rather like the bike but I must say that I don't want to pay for something that's a vehicle to advertise someone else's products.  Still, the New Belgium Brewing graphics on the Brooklyn Bicycle Company machine isn't as blaring or glaring as the "billboard" graphics on bike jerseys worn by wannabe racers.


  1. I really dislike carrying advertising, especially on clothes. My LBS folk were shocked long ago in 70s when I started ordering in parts for a new bike. When it came to the frame to be custom made I wanted it to look like it was not worth stealing so it came plain colour with not a single transfer, not even the dealers. Nothing I could do about all those moulded on Campagnolo parts though...

  2. How funny, i recently bought two pairs of bell bottoms, but they are now referred to as "wide leg pants"

  3. Like you I'm not all that crazy for a rolling advertisent but I did really like the "beer" CX frames that Raleigh had out a few years back. One was Miller Highlife and the other was Ranier. Very cool and the only aluminum frame I ever really lusted after.

  4. Coline--I mind manufacturer's logos engraved or molded into the parts--especially if they're Campagnolo or Mavic--less than advertising from companies that aren't in any way related to bicycles on my bikes or clothes.

    Phillip--I remember those frames. They were pretty cool, even if they were aluminum.

    Anon--How funny! I guess that's what bell bottoms are.