10 February 2019

What's His Motivation?

Some kids are burdened with the weight of parents' unfulfilled (and perhaps unfulfillable) dreams.  You see them on Little League fields, in Pop Warner classes and ballet classes.

A few of those kids may actually want to become ballplayers, dancers or whatever, and will do whatever it takes.

What about this kid?


  1. I have never been competitive, well unless I can win without too much effort...

    1. Coline--Ditto for me. I'm going to make a confession: I played football (a.k.a. soccer) because I was trying to bolster my college applications and, frankly, you didn't have to be terribly good to play on a football/soccer team in a US high school during the mid-1970s. I did race, and once finished third, but realized that if I wanted to accomplish any more, I'd have to ride more, not for fun, but to train.