06 December 2010

Cozying Up

I've tried to get Charlie and Max interested in cycling.  But they aren't interested in the hard work:  They like to supervise.

Max, at least, makes an effort at looking busy.  (Is that something like acting sincere?  I actually heard someone say that.)  Of course, there's no contract, but there are no rules about sleeping on the job.  Charlie knows that very well:

It was below freezing and, with the wind chill, about fifteen degrees colder.  I got on my bike to go to work.  Now you tell me:  Which species is more intelligent and evolved? 


  1. Oh gosh, that is cute. My 2 cats are avid bicycle mechanics - especially fond of chewing cables and cords...

  2. I tried to train Charlie and Max to help me with bike maintenance. But they always give me that excuse that they don't have opposable thumbs!

    To be fair, though, they've been good about not harming the bikes.