31 December 2010

Making Friends At The End of The Year

For my last ride of 2010, I did a few easy miles on the local paths.  On my way to them, a cute stranger crossed my path:

He was roaming around in front of somebody's house, saw me coming and nonchalantly started to cross the street.  Somehow he knew I would stop to stroke him. 

At least it's good to know that someone finds me more interesting than the newspaper--one called the "Observer," yet.  If an observer something and no one pays attention....how does that question end?

So what do I miss most about home?  My cats?  My bikes?  My books?  My friends?  It's really close.  

Happy New Year!


  1. Those are the best kind of rides; the slow and easy ones where you come across an observer when you least suspect it. I've been reading your last few blogs. You sound awfully homesick. Hope you get home soon :)

  2. SM: I've been home for a few days. I've been happy, if for no other reasons than my cats, my bikes and my books. Happy New Year!