03 December 2010

Korean Woman On Bicycle

Will we see Korean War II?

Technically, the North and South have been at war for the past sixty years.  The fighting ended only with a truce in 1953, and there have been hostilities ever since, including North Korea's most recent attack.

And, of course, we can't forget that the US has stationed thousands of soldiers in Korea since World War II.

No matter what happens there, people go about their lives.  

The woman is riding along the Yalu River, which forms North Korea's border with China.  I stumbled upon this photo when I was looking up some articles about Korea.

No matter how great or powerful any country is, or becomes, it'always full of people like the woman in the photo.  Whether the backdrop is as stunning as the one in the photo or as drab as an empty subdivision, we're really like that woman.

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