10 December 2010

Going Stealth In Pink

Some black bike parts are said to have a "stealth" look.  I suppose that on a black bike, they would "fly under the radar."  And, if enough people are riding black bikes,  I suppose that those "stealth" bikes and parts could go unnoticed.

But what if the world were lit by magenta neon?  Seeing the old Rudge-Whitorth in that light in Flushing made me think of this:  That bike, which was black, certainly didn't look "stealth."  That's not to say I didn't like its looks: It had a nice patina on it, and there's something classy about some of those old three-speeds.  But if one wanted to make it less visible, what would one do?

Would these be "stealth" in the light I saw last night?

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