19 December 2010

Trash Talkin'

One of the things I've learned, in cycling as in life, is that any container you carry will fill up.  The question is:  with what?

Given that there are far fewer trash receptacles on this city's streets than there were a few years ago, it makes sense that people will make do with whatever they find.  Sometimes, though, what they find is a bike with baskets on it.  

I very stupidly deleted a photo I was going to post with this.  In it, the side-by-side rear baskets that hung off each side of a bicycle's rear rack were completely filled with trash.  And I complained about finding a couple of White Castle cartons on the front basket of my LeTour!

And now I also know that New Yorkers aren't the worst offenders when it comes to "trashing" a parked bike.  The above photo was taken in Tokyo.
In addition to White Castle cartons, I've found empty and half-empty beer bottles, boxes from Kotex and religious tracts in my basket.  I wonder pamphleteers were targeting me.

What are some things you've found in your bike basket, or on your rack or any other part of your bike, after leaving it parked on the street?

1 comment:

  1. Well, the nicest thing I've found was a sort of wreath made of tall grass and some oak leaves with acorns - it was a pleasant surprise actually! But usually it's not so pleasant at all, and this is one reason I prefer not to use open baskets on my bikes.