19 April 2012

Line And Form

In keeping with the tone and spirit of yesterday's post, I'm going to continue on the theme of cycling and visual imagery.

So, I want you to pay attention to the composition of the photo you see here.  I find it interesting that the lines in her dress--particularly the ones below her waist--flow in almost exactly the same way as the lines of her bicycle.  And the lines above her waist all but mirror the ones between the bricks in the wall.

Seriously...I am thinking about line, form and composition.  This isn't just another one of those blogs that shows pretty girls on bikes.  Really!

Photo from Simply Bike


  1. The lines DO work, but the colors clash...

  2. Steve--I agree! But I'm sure some people wouldn't mind.

  3. Glad to know that a lot of people not only put importance on great bike equipment, but also in how this activity can inspire others to take up the sport as well.