27 November 2014

Bicycles, Turkeys And A Feast For The Senses

If you grew up in the US, you probably made "hand turkeys" for Thanksgiving.   If you're still making them now, don't worry:  It'll be our little secret! ;-)

Since we're grown-up cyclists (Well, most of us, anyway!), we have to make more sophisticated Thanksgiving props or decorations.  In other words, we have to make them from bike parts.

For all of you messengers, hipsters and other urban rider, here's a bird made from single speed parts:

From B!ke

Those of you who insist that everything you ride must be NJS-compliant probably don't approve.  Just indulge yourself--and us--for one day, today.  After all, isn't Thanksgiving the day when it's perfectly acceptable for people to go off their diets and do all manner of things they never do at any other time?

Since, ideally, this day should be a feast for the senses, I am including this image from Ecovelo:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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