24 November 2014

Does This Person Ride To A Cheese Shop In California?

I wonder whether he/she rides a bike:

I mean, when someone has a name like Shimano-witz, how could I not wonder?

That sign crossed my path during my ride the other day.  So did this one:

At least it was no surprise.  I actually rode to, and into,Cheesequake in my youth.  I also hiked and camped there with the Scouts.  If they could see me now...;-)

I long ago gave up trying to convince anybody who isn't from New Jersey that the park--or, at least, the name--actually exists.  When I say it, they think I'm joking or hallucinating, or that it's the name of a fromagerie on the San Andreas Fault.

Maybe Shimano-witz would ride to such a place.


  1. Living in a state with town names like "Happy," "Smiley," and "Frognot," Cheesequake sounds pretty ordinary. Just remember that "Whitehouse" remains in Texas (zip code 75791). Texas must be full of ding dongs - wait, that's ANOTHER town in Texas!

  2. Steve--Ding Dong, Texas? Is there also a town called Donette? Twinkie? Ho Ho? http://hostesscakes.com/products/