07 November 2014

The Real Dance In DUMBO

On my way home tonight, I saw something that stopped my tires dead in the cracks of the DUMBO cobblestones.

All right, I stopped the bike--for what I saw while pedaling and getting vibrated on that Brooklyn street.

 Tonight the moon was so full and bright, even with scrims of clouds drifting across it, that I could see my reflection in my Velo Orange hammered fenders.  All right, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  But the moon was definitely not shy tonight:

It seemed to be guiding the other lights of the sky and street, moving close and pulling away, allowing only glimpses of its face as it continued its dance with the other orbs of light.

I apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of these photos:  I took them with my cell phone!


  1. Now that small "stand alone" digital cameras are disappearing, the days that we would have called a cell phone camera a "crappy cell phone camera" are also becoming a thing of the past. So fast things change...

  2. Steve--That's true. So what will I use as an excuse when I take a lousy photo? ;-)