05 May 2015

Cycling Cinco de Mayo

As you know, today is Cinco de Mayo.

To commemorate the Mexican victory over France at the battle of Puebla (Yes, that's what this holiday is about!), I'm going for a ride.

First, I have to choose a bike. This looks like a good candidate:

From Supercompressor

Everyone knows you can't ride properly without the right outfit.  Now, since lycra hadn't been invented at the time of Puebla--and wouldn't look right with this bike--I'm thinking of more traditional garb:

From Teewallpapers

Of course, the right outfit isn't complete without the right shoes:

From Pinterest

and headgear:

From The Purple Passport

Of course, riding while holding off les militaires burns up lots of calories.  So, in the lovely pannier on the bike, I'll pack some of these:

Pinata Cookies for Cinco de Mayo
From Cookie Cutter Search

At the end of the ride I'll have a proper Pueblana repast:

From All Wallpapers Gallery

Feliz  Cinco de Mayo, Amigas y Amigos!

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