10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I suspect that many of gave your mothers flowers, candy or any of the other gifts we associate with this day.  I'll bet that none of you gifted your mother one of these:

Mothers Day Ad
In case you want to buy one for Mom, look here.

If you did, you must have even more of a cycling family than the Simeses or Herses ever were!

Many years ago, I gave my mother a Peugeot mixte for Mother's Day.  As far as I know, she never rode it.  It's probably the one and only thing for which I've ever had to forgive her! ;-)

But there have been so many other things she's done to make it possible for me to ride and do many of the other things that have made my life interesting and fulfilling.  And, while she never accompanied me on any of my bike trips, she has been with me on the journey of my life--and in the particular the part that brought me from being her son to being her daughter.  

Thank you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day to you!


  1. My mother was always very distant and unloving yet one day out of the blue she asked to go on a bike ride with me. We never got far out into the country but lay in piles of fresh cut hay and had one of the very few close conversations we ever had. Sadly this happy moment just emphasised just what was missing from our relationship...

    I can still visualise the bike she rode, I had renovated an old bike for my younger sister and sprayed it fire-engine red, the sort of relaxed ride I would like now...

  2. Coline--What a story! It's sad that you didn't have more of a relationship with your mother but at least you had that ride with her. I'll bet that you'll always remember it--and the bike!