21 May 2017

Is Your Bike Whatever You Lock It To?

If you commute or use your bike for errands, you have to park your bike.  In most cities, that means you have to lock it to something--a sign post, a parking meter, a telephone pole.  Or a tree.

To tell you the truth, I've only hitched my wheels to a trunk once or twice in my life.  No U-lock is wide enough, and you'd need a very long chain or cable.  Also, in many places, it's forbidden to lock your bike to a tree.  

Even where it's allowed, I prefer not to do that to a tree  It's definitely not good for the tree--or, apparently, the bike:

(Images from Guy Sports.)


  1. Speaking of telephone poles, WHEN was the last time you saw a working phone booth?

    1. Steve--You must be eavesdropping on my conversations. Just before I checked my e-mail (where I found your comment), a colleague asked the same rhetorical question.

      How does a "bike through a tree" come to be?

  2. In other news, I saw a similar "bike through a tree" on the US2 Highway that runs from Everett to Leavenworth by way of Stevens Pass. It was just outside of Monroe. Other items also appeared in that tree. Sadly, I think the tree got chopped down.