17 February 2019

Follow The Money?

I suppose we should be grateful any time a town installs a bicycle parking rack.  And we should thank whoever donated the funds for it.

Still, this one left me wondering, "What were they thinking?"

A special bike parking rack was unveiled the other day, for Valentine's Day.  It's red, which is appropriate enough.  And I can understand the wish to use the unveiling to celebrate some aspect of the town's history.

But I think there's something a bit incongruous, to say the least, about putting an image of an oil rig on the bike.  

Maybe I shouldn't complain too loudly. After all, cycling, like the arts, have been used to glorify or sell all sorts of things that haven't been good for the planet, or the spirit.  The Charge of the Light Brigade, anyone?


  1. I'd have to give Wichita Falls a pass on this one. It is the home of 21 collegiate cycling champions, of the only cycling scholarships, and of the Hotter 'N Hell 100. They remain a hotbed of cycling regardless of any incongruity.

    Even their freeways have cycling motifs. You can read more, including about the Arrow cycling team at: https://dfwptp.blogspot.com/2010/08/hh100-report-msu-squared.html

  2. Steve--I don't mean to pick on Wichita Falls. Yes, it is one of the great cycling towns in the US. Still, I find an image of an oil well on a bike rack rather incongruous.