30 June 2011

At The End Of The Day

OK, for the 300th post on this blog, I will reveal all of the secrets of the universe, at least as they relate to cycling.

All right...Now that I've got your attention, I'll do something a little more mundane.  (Did I just do a bait-and-switch?)  I am going to show you, at least in some way, what it means to cycle home from work on a Thursday night in my neighborhood.

Astoria and neighboring Long Island City are the Queens--and New York City--neighborhoods in which one can come closest to living in Manhattan without actually living in it.  So, even though the streets and houses have the feel of a smaller urban area, everything seems to point in the direction of Manhattan, directly to the west.  

So, depending on the time of day, one can see the sun setting directly ahead, as I did today.  

And, of course, no ride home from work is complete without stopping for something to eat, or the ingredients to make it.  Today that meant ciabatta and anisette biscotti:

I blame Marianela. She claims the light in that place--and the block at the end of the day--brings out her natural glow.  How come that line doesn't work when I use it? ;-)


  1. When I think of Astoria, I think of the town where they shot "Goonies" and an AS movie. I never knew they had one in New York. Until now.

  2. How is the traffic along your route? Are there bike lanes?

    I don't think I've ever been to that part of NYC, though I could be wrong.

    Oh and congrats on post #300! I need to go see how many I have.

  3. Steve: I think there are other Astorias in the US. Hey, there isn't only one Portland! ;-)

    Velouria: There are no bike lanes on the street I've shown. However, there are some bike lanes on other nearby streets in the neighborhood, as well as along my routes to and from work.

    Long Island City is just on the other side of the Koszciuszcko (sp?) Bridge from Greenpoint, Brooklyn; Astoria is next to LIC. You've probably been in LIC-Astoria if you've gone to PS 1, The Museum of The Moving Image, The Noguchi Museum or Socrates Sculpture Park.