09 June 2011

Maclean Featherweight

I only see porn when I stumble over it while looking for other things.  Really, I swear, it's true.

That includes bike porn.  All right, maybe this isn't quite bike porn:  It's actually quite dignified.  But pretty nonetheless:

It's a Maclean Featherweight from 1950.  Don Maclean formed his namesake company during the 1920's and employed several builders.  Apparently, they built frames and bikes for about 40 years, until they were bought up by the Holdsworthy company.

You can look at some more photos of this bike here.  Enjoy!


  1. A very handsome bike indeed. Do you know what that thing on the right fork blade is?

  2. Big Oak: It's a lamp bracket. At one time, most British bicycles had them, as the law required bicycles to have "provisions" for lights. Most British club cyclists used removable lights that were made by a few companies such as Sturmey-Archer, Ever-Ready (Yes, the British company's name had a hyphen in the middle.) and Berec. It seems that generators/dynamos weren't as widely used in Albion as they were on the Continent.

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