26 June 2011

When Getting Lost Leads To Finding A Hot Pot

If your navigational skills are anything like mine, even rides in familiar territory become adventures.  Of course, I don't share  that "dirty little secret" about myself when people tell me I have a sense of adventure.  

The malfunction of my mental GPS came when I was trying to bring Lakythia to the promenade by the World's Fair Marina.  I sometimes ride it on my way home from work.  But we were approaching it from the opposite direction from  my commutes.  So, after a couple of wrong turns, we were riding in front of the Delta and American Airlines terminals at LaGuardia Airport.

We finally got to that promenade, though.  And, at the end of it, we pedalled over a bridge that spans one of those bodies of water where a body or two might've been dumped among old car parts and wastes from the small factories along that body of water.  

At least the bridge ends in Flushing, where there might be more good Asian food than in any other place in North America or, at any rate, the East Coast.  

We shared a Korean hot pot containing, as you can see, lots of vegetables and some seafood.  I found myself thinking about having fondues and raclettes at the ends of days spent cycling in the Alps.  I saw two women, who appeared to be a mother and daughter, dipping pieces of vegetables and meat into the roiling stock.  

The restaurant was not shy about using spices.  That was fine with both Lakythia and me.  Actually, at first I found myself complaining that the food was too hot--temperature-wise, not in terms of spices.  But she pointed out something it doesn't take a college instructor to figure out (ha, ha):  If you let the food cool a bit, eating it becomes easier.  And the food is actually tastier.

My only complaint is that the sauce spattered on my tank top that matches the colors of my Mercians:

Well, that's what it looked like before it got spattered. Hopefully, the spots will come out in the wash.   If they don't, I guess I'll have to go to Old Navy and hope they have another of these tops.

I'm not sure whether Lakythia didn't get spattered or was simply smarter in choosing the T-shirt she wore:

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