02 June 2011

One Year Today

I can hardly believe it:  One year ago today, I made my first post on this blog.  

It's a strange thing:  I'm still figuring out what this blog is really "about."  I mean, I'm writing about bicycles and bicycling, and about rides past and present, in my middle age.  And I started this blog nearly a year after having my genital reconstruction surgery (what used to be known as the "sex change operation").  So, I'm guessing, as I did then, that I have a point of view that, if it is not unique, is at least one that not too many other people have.  As to what, exactly, that means, I'm still finding out.


  1. It's unique! Your narratives have a mix of qualities that I can't even put down in words. They make me nostalgic for a past that isn't mine, for one thing. And they are genuinely informative.

    I love reading your blog. Happy 1 year anniversary!

  2. Happy 1 year! I'm glad to have found your blog and learn all the stuff about bikes I know nothing about. I might actually remember something:)

  3. Justine, Happy one year! The stories you tell through your experience strike a chord with me and has even brought a tear or two to my eye. Sorry, I know, I'm such a sap. I've only been reading your blog for a few months, but I want to thank you for sharing your bike knowledge. I admit, I'm one of those people who in the beginning just preferred to ride bikes, but through reading your blog, and Velouria's, I've developed an interest in all aspects of a bicycle and learning as much as I can. Look forward to reading more and here's to wishing you another successful year of writing.

  4. To Velouria, Big Oak, sassy, Steve and Sue--and everyone else reading this--a big "Thank You!"

  5. Happy Anniversary Justine - i will read you blogs when ihave more time. I am sure we,ll be exchanging news. I too am a woman in her middle youth, always on a saddle (but not since Jan as Mercian has got my bike in Reno - can u imagine??!!). Yesterday, I got confused about what is a vertical tube on a bike again (look it up on wiki)Two days ago, i got so obsessed with the idea that i might have lost the whole skill of cycling that i took my daughter's bike out and got on it to see whether i could still push off and ride. Luckily i could - relief!
    Anyway, happy anniversary!