05 July 2014

Girls On Bikes In The Festival Of Britain

Yesterday, we in America celebrated our independence from Great Britain.  The funny thing is, in celebrating our passage from a colony to a sovereign nations, we in the US almost never think about--or mention, at any rate--that England was the country from which we liberated ourselves.  I guess it's hard to hold a grudge against someone who hasn't had power over you for 238 years.

Still, I have to wonder:  Is it sacrilegious to think about what our parades might look like if we still gave fealty to the Crown?  In other words, is it improper to post an image of girls on bicycles the 1951 Festival of Britain?  

Well, since one of the great revelations of middle age is that guilt is, for the most part, a useless emotion, I'm going to post such an image just because I like it.

From Cyclechic

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