16 July 2014

What Didn't Stop Him, And What Kept Him Going

A man riding his bicycle strikes a barbed-wire fence and flipped over his handlebars.


According to police officers who pursued him, he continued his flight on foot.

I'm having a very difficult time imagining how the man managed not to entangle himself in the barbed wire if he flipped over his bars when he crashed into the fence.  

And I'm having only a slightly less difficult time envisioning someone who took such a tumble--whether or not he was impaled with the barbed wire--getting up and running away.

Maybe I'm just a wimp with a low pain threshold.  Or, maybe the man's ability to endure suffering is explained by what the cops found beside his bike:  a box of prescription pills.  After they used a TASER on him, they also found a marijuana pipe in his pocket and a small amount of marijuana in an undisclosed location.


He's quite the character:  A warrants check showed that he was wanted for possession of a controlled substance, injury to a child and bond forfeiture related to his failure to comply with a sex-offender registration law.

Hmm...Maybe the pot and pills weren't the only reason why he got up and ran after crashing the bicycle into a barbed wire fence and flipping over the bars.

From what I see in the photo, the bike doesn't look any the worse for the experience.

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  1. Well, there was the time in the 2011 TdF that a TV car swerved into the breakaway, knocking Johnny Hoogerland off the road and into the barbed wire on the side. Once they untangled him, and brought up a new bike, he had to finish the race.