17 July 2014

Hold Onto Your Seats

Airlines are always trying to stuff as many passengers as possible into every flight.

So it shouldn't come as any surprise that they want to find ways to cram more seats into every plane.  Barring any sudden changes in human evolutions or American diets, seats can be shrunk only so much before no one can sit in them.

Back in December, European aircraft maker Airbus filed a patent for a new kind of seat:

A bicycle seat on planes?  Hmm.  I wonder if there are options for the kind of bicycle seat--racing, touring, cruiser, "Bummer" or whatever--a passenger might like.

An even better idea might be to install pods that can take  bicycle seats of the passengers' choice, including the passengers' own. I mean, if I want to ride my Brooks B17 or someone else wants to spend a flight perched on an '80's Concor, Ideale 90 Speciale Competition,  Terry Butterfly or Dimension Noseless saddle, why shouldn't we have that choice? 

Of course, if the airlines did that, they'd find an excuse to charge even higher fares. Or they actually implement an idea Ryanair had a few years ago.

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