26 June 2015

Dead Baby Downhill

Have you ever decided not to participate in a bike ride--or any other event--because of its name?

Or has such a name ever been so vile, repulsive and opposed to all of your values that you simply had to check out the event?

I've just come across such an event:  The Dead Baby Downhill.   

Now, to be fair, no babies are harmed or killed in the ride. From what I can see, there weren't very many babies anywhere near it.

The ride is sponsored by--you guessed it--the Dead Baby Club, which has been described as what a motorcycle club would be if its members rode bicycles.

One of the requirements for participation in the club and event seems to be tatoos.  Another seems to be a quirky sense of humor.  

The ride itself is really one event in the festival of--well, bikes, but also--shall we say--some creative costuming as well as food, drink and other things cyclists (and other people) enjoy.

One thing I would have loved to see is this


seven-human Monster Truck designed, engineered and fabricated by a boy-genius who calls himself Haulin' Colin.

A good time was had by all, I'm sure.  And they will tell their children and grandchildren about it.


  1. Is this a test? I count eight...

  2. Coline--It was promoted as a seven-human cart. I guess nobody told the eighth person he/she couldn't get on board.