02 February 2017

Did You See Your Shadow?

Today is Groundhog day.

As you know, if the motley marmot sees his or her shadow, there will be another six weeks of winter.  If he or she doesn't, spring will arrive early.

The most-watched woodchuck of them all, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his profile.  His New York cousin, Staten Island Chuck, didn't see his.  

So what am I to make of it?  Well, while pedaling to work this morning, I didn't see my shadow.  Did you see yours?  Did other cyclists see theirs?

This fellow was riding the TransAmerica.  What did his profile portend for the road that lay ahead?

These guys, apparently, didn't see theirs.  Does that mean the rest of their race was "smooth sailing"?  

Then again, those guys were in England.  If Phil or Chuck or any of the other furry forecasters were there, would they see their shadows?

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