09 February 2017

In Any Language, It's Just A Snow Day

Bonjour, Maman.  Comment ca-va?

Where are you calling from?  France?  Canada?

Oui.  Je suis sorti des Etats-Unis.

My mother doesn't speak French.  So she knows that when I say anything in the language, I am:  a.) recounting a conversation with one of my friends in France, b.) recalling some other encounter in a Francophone land or c.) playing a joke.

Today, she knew it was "c" but she confessed that, for a moment, I'd "flown the coop", if you will.  And, if I did, she probably wouldn't blame me, as she shares my disdain for the President whose name I dare not say.

Montreal sous la neige

Then, after telling her I am in Canada, I laughed.  "Well, not quite.  But the conditions at the moment aren't much different.

Yesterday afternoon, students e-mailed to ask whether my classes would be in session today.  My response, of course, was that they would be if the college were open.  I knew that snow had been predicted, but I didn't know that by mid-afternoon, the National Weather Service was predicting blizzard-like conditions.

Astoria under the weather

Last night, the decision was made to close the college, and the university of which it's a part, today.  And the snow is even more intense than what was predicted last night.  It's all the more amazing when one considers that yesterday afternoon, it was sunny and the temperature reached 17C (64F).  

How much is it snowing?  Even Citibike, this city's bike share program, shut down.

System Alert: Due to heavy snow in the forecast, the Citi Bike system is currently closed. Stay tuned for updates on the system reopening.

Hmm...Maybe they have to allocate part of their budget for studded tires or tires with chains.


  1. Wimps! I think I was wired wrong at birth, well actually I know that I was wired wrong. When I was young snow was just a cycling challenge and I was constantly surprised that I could arrive places to find them dark and closed. Winter has been forecast to start in a few days and I have to admit that I now detest snow and ice, I like my bones unbroken. I have a good book.

  2. Coline--I still can't get over how many of our experiences are parallel!

  3. Hmm, is the "President whose name I dare not say" the very same one that was born and raised in NEW YORK CITY? I've heard that the chili in NYC is spooned out of cans and includes beans, unlike true chili.If it's any comfort, it also snowed in Ocean Shores, WA. The IGA Espresso Stand was open all the same and cycling wasn't a problem.

  4. Steve--Ironic, isn't it, that he should come from the Big Apple. He's the worm. Then again, more people here voted for him than most people realize: Not far from where I live, there are people who think, and vote, not much differently from folks in Wisconsin.

    We have restaurants that serve chili that doesn't come from cans or have beans. Still, I'll grant you that it's not as good as what you can get in Texas or California.