Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

04 July 2018

The Fourth

In France, they have le quatorzeHere in the US of A, we have The Fourth.

It's what we call our Independence Day.  Today, though, when I hear "the Fourth", I can't help but to think of the Amendment--which, like so much else in the Constitution, is in peril.

But The Fourth is also my birthday.  And this year it just happens to be a round-number year for me.  I'll let you guess which one! 

For the occasion, I gave myself a gift--which actually came to me all the way back in March.  I am referring, of course, to Dee-Lilah, my new Mercian Vincitore Special.

You could say, though, that I got an unexpected gift when the bike I mentioned yesterday--a 1973 Mercian King of Mercia--showed up on eBay.  In my size.  And the seller dropped the price.

And I'm going to meet friends.  I am lucky indeed.  Now, to do something about my country!


  1. Many Happy Curly Returns of the day...

    Got me wondering... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many_happy_returns_(greeting)

  2. I like the components you've chosen for Dee-Lilah. What is the crank? Sugino? TA?

  3. Brooks-- Thanks! The crank is a Sugino Alpina (110BCD) with TA Syrius chainrings.

  4. A bit late- Happy 30th Birthday Justine:)

  5. Nice post and blog, Justine.

    What is the saddlebag on your Mercian? I think I want one!


  6. Chris--Why, thank you! ;-)

    Mitch--Thank you. The saddlebag and front bag are made by Eli Rodriguez of RuthWorksSF. The rear is a standard bag, but the front was made to fit the Nitto M18. He does great work, and can make your bag in a number of different colors. He even does vegan and ultralight versions.