04 July 2018

The Fourth

In France, they have le quatorzeHere in the US of A, we have The Fourth.

It's what we call our Independence Day.  Today, though, when I hear "the Fourth", I can't help but to think of the Amendment--which, like so much else in the Constitution, is in peril.

But The Fourth is also my birthday.  And this year it just happens to be a round-number year for me.  I'll let you guess which one! 

For the occasion, I gave myself a gift--which actually came to me all the way back in March.  I am referring, of course, to Dee-Lilah, my new Mercian Vincitore Special.

You could say, though, that I got an unexpected gift when the bike I mentioned yesterday--a 1973 Mercian King of Mercia--showed up on eBay.  In my size.  And the seller dropped the price.

And I'm going to meet friends.  I am lucky indeed.  Now, to do something about my country!


  1. Many Happy Curly Returns of the day...

    Got me wondering... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many_happy_returns_(greeting)

  2. I like the components you've chosen for Dee-Lilah. What is the crank? Sugino? TA?

  3. Brooks-- Thanks! The crank is a Sugino Alpina (110BCD) with TA Syrius chainrings.

  4. A bit late- Happy 30th Birthday Justine:)

  5. Nice post and blog, Justine.

    What is the saddlebag on your Mercian? I think I want one!


  6. Chris--Why, thank you! ;-)

    Mitch--Thank you. The saddlebag and front bag are made by Eli Rodriguez of RuthWorksSF. The rear is a standard bag, but the front was made to fit the Nitto M18. He does great work, and can make your bag in a number of different colors. He even does vegan and ultralight versions.