13 July 2018

Where Is She Now?

I've arrived!  

Well, at least I'm at my destination, for now.  I'm still napping on and off, so I have only seen a little--and done no bike riding--so far.

I'll give you some clues as to where I am.  Part of my trip involved riding this:

And I entered this land through a portal:

Along the way, I saw this:

Well, all right, that doesn't tell you much.  I did push the green button:  the bathroom was one of the cleanest I've seen in a public place!

Everything that follows will be more interesting, I assure you!


  1. Ok Carmen San Diego, I'm going to guess Thailand because I'm psychic and also because if you blow up the airplane picture it says Bangkok Airlines on the side.

  2. Phillip and Chris--You're both in the right neighborhood!