09 February 2015

Monday Funnies

I know that most bloggers save their "funnies" for Friday or Saturday.  But I imagine that some of you can use a laugh or two on Monday, today.  And the weather has been dismal:  Not enough snow to create a winter wonderland, but enough to turn into a glacier of soot when the temperature drops at night.  And subsequent layers of rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain encase ever-more of this city's detritus in ice.   Hopefully, they won't remain for as long as a beetle found encased in amber.

Anyway, I thought I could pick up your spirits (or, at least, mine) with some photos from the wall of I Love Cycling.

I've outrun an animal or two in my time. But I never had to keep one step (or tire-tread) away from a mad cow:

I imagine the bike needed to be cleaned after that.  Maybe this isn't the best way to go about it:

Nor is this:

After showering, you can change into something more comfortable:

I couldn't help but to think about the joke I played on Stella Buckwalter, who worked in a few NYC bike shops and owned one--Rock'N'Road in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  She had just bought a new bike, on which she installed a pair of SPD pedals.  

I found a pair of stiletto heels in her favorite color, orange, in a thrift shop.  I drilled the soles of those shoes to accpet SPD cleats.

Now, of course, she never could have walked, and probably would have had a hard time riding, in those shoes.  They weren't even the right size! (I figured as much when I bought them.)  But, hey, for a dollar, I got more than my money's worth in laughs--both mine and hers.

And like any woman in New York, she complained of never having enough closet space.  I can certainly relate to that!



  1. Thanks for the smiles

  2. Anon--Glad to provide them. Have a great day!

  3. Justine, this is the most recentest post wherein I've been able to find any mention of Stella. Yesterday I was kibitzing at Mike Rodriguez's bike shop, his old shop Open Road came up, and Mike asked if I had any idea how to contact her. I haven't a clue. You? Mike sez he'd enjoy hearing from her. His shop: Bicycle Station, Brooklyn. It's on the interwebs.

  4. Hi Paul,

    I haven't any idea of where Stella is. She moved to California in 2000 or thereabouts, and I haven't heard from her since. Maybe I'll look her up.

  5. Thanks for replying, Justine. I suspicioned it was a bit of an outside shot.

  6. Paul--I looked on Google and have a few leads, but nothing definite. However, I don't want to post such information on this blog. If you're interested in discussing this further, write to me at justineisadream@gmail.com