17 February 2015

Wheels On Ice

Lately there's been a lot of ice on the streets and sidewalks around here.  Sometimes plowing the streets leaves little patches of ice that might not affect a car or truck but can cause our bikes to do dances we were never taught.  Or, the snow is piled on the sides and when it melts, the next day or night of freezing temperatures results in ice.  So, in navigating between the traffic and parked cars on the narrow one-way streets of this city, you're bound to hit some ice.

I think I was lulled by a few mild, relatively snow-free winters.  So I never bought tires with metal studs for any of my bikes, figuring that I could use them only a couple of days every year.  But this winter and last, we've had longer spells of snow and ice.

Maybe I should go for the studded tires. Or, perhaps, wheels made of ice:

Wheels made from ice?  Notice that about 3:10, in the first trial, the tire splits in two. At least he has a sense of humor about it!

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