15 February 2015

A Jersey I'd Actually Buy

I haven't owned a bike jersey in years.

Time was, though, when I had more of them than I have shoes now.  

(OK.  I managed to include two gender stereotypes in the previous sentence.  If you don't want to read on, I understand.)

When I bought a jersey, I chose it for fit, design and colors, in that order.  Or at least, I told myself they were in that order.

Truth was, I didn't care much about which team or brand name--or whether any at all--was on the garment.  I had jerseys from the French National Team and the Credit Agricole, La Vie Claire "Z" and Banesto teams, among others.  I also had jerseys with club names and logos as well as brands I rode, as well as some I didn't. If I liked the look it fit, I wore it.

Someone gave me a Festina jersey. It didn't have a needle in the pocket.

Every once in a while, I think of getting a wool jersey or two for old time's sake.  Plus, they're at least practical.  And it would mean getting more classic or basic color schemes and logos, which would suit me fine.

I don't know if it's made in wool, but this is one I'd definitely consider:

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  1. I've grown fond of the Ibex merino jerseys. They come in solid colors. The full zip ones can even be worn as a cardigan over a skirt or jeans!