09 June 2014

A Pre-Ride Checklist

Some of you may be experienced cyclists or mechanics. So the information in this post may not be new to you.

However, for those of you who haven't been cycling for very long, or are afraid to adjust anything on your bike (When I first started cycling, someone told me "derailleur" is French for "don't try to fix this!") I found this handy little infographic. It shows you what to check before you embark on a ride.

Even if the information is "old hat" to you, I thought you might enjoy the infographic just because it's nicely done:

From BicyclingHub.com


  1. Used to love all the greasy bits but now my eyesight is rubbish up close and my nails could get broken... Good quality stuff stays fixed for longer...

  2. Coline--I know exactly what you're talking about. My eyesight, too, isn't what it used to be at close range. And, as you say, good stuff does stay fixed for longer.