14 June 2014

Saturday Silly: The Fliz

What, exactly, is the point of this?

I mean, it combines the disadvantages of walking with the disadvantages of cycling. 

If you're going to be bent forward, you should be riding a real bicycle with drop bars, or with flat/porteur/moustache/tourist/commuter bars set below your saddle height.  If you want to walk, why should you have a frame slung over your shoulders if its only purpose is to connect two wheels that won't to help you move.  And, finally, if you have a wheel in front of, and another behind you, you should have a pair of pedals or something to propel them.

I'm guessing the inventor of this device--called the Fliz--was playing a joke.  On whom or what, I don't know.  But it is funny to look at, so I guess his/her efforts weren't for naught.

Who says Germans don't know how to have fun?

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