25 June 2014

Are They Finally Getting Somewhere With This Bridge?

In an earlier post, I alluded to a bike/pedestrian bridge under construction--for aeons, it seems--between Randall's Island and the Bronx.

Actually, saying it's been "under construction" isn't quite accurate.  Perhaps it was at one time--say, around 2009--but for the past few years it's been frame surrounded by a chicken wire fence that serves mainly as platform for signs claiming that it's undergoing an environmental review.

The problem is that the land on the Bronx side is part of the Harlem River Yards.  The State Transportation Department owns the Yards, but leases them to developer Harlem River Yards Ventures, which in turn leases parts of it to other companies. (Where else but in New York, right?)

Well, now it seems that some of those companies gave easements to the state and, when I rode by the site this morning, construction of some sort was going on.

I hope...I hope...I hope.

Even though the project is still behind schedule, it's still being done in a more timely fashion--and with much smaller cost overruns--than the Second Avenue Subway.  Nothing like a little perspective, right?

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